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Runformeyer is a “game for grownups” with which one supports playtime for the little guests of the Meyer Pediatric Hospital.
Children aren’t just patients, they essentially and always are children even when in a hospital ward.


There are many reasons to run.

We run against ourselves, we run to share a passion, we run because it is one of the simplest games ever!
Children instinctually know this and run when they are having fun, whether if they are alone or with their friends.
RUNFORMEYER is the perfect occasion to rediscover that instinct and help those children that, at the moment, cannot run because they are in a hospital, and because we want and hope they will run again soon.

RUNFORMEYER is a “game for grownups” that tangibly contribute to playtime for the little ones at the hospital by supporting the Meyer Play Therapy project.
The children at the Meyer hospital aren’t just patients, they essentially and always are children even when in a hospital ward. Play Therapy is a special care that tries to give back to children and their families a calm environment in spite of their hospitalization. This project organizes inside the Hospital, fun activities and theatre plays in the game room, brings the cheer of clowns and of pet therapy dogs in the wards, and relaxing musical moments.


Sweet and professional dogs are the key players of this activity. Together with their owners, these dogs bring happiness and joy to all the little hospitalized children. These furry friends elicit snuggle and petting moments and spark many smiles from the parents and the health workers. This is the dogs’ high specialization.


A smile or a hearty laugh are the best medicine to send away boredom and fear. This is why every day at Meyer, in the wards, in the ER, in the waiting rooms there always are our clowns with their warm happiness. These professionals keep in mind their whereabouts in their personal selection of techniques and repertoire. They are constantly aware of the circumstances and of the kids’ health conditions, and they sometimes involve parents, visitors, and hospital workers to overcome painful and complicated moments.


The game room at the Meyer hospital is a warm and colorful area open to all children, whether they are hospitalized or just passing by for a visit or a checkup. In the game room, kids can play, borrow some toys, meet with siblings and friends, watch a play, take part to parties and creative labs.


The Meyermusic project offers musical entertainment in an original and creative way in all the wards and hospital common areas. Children are involved together with parents, visitors and workers. Music improves life quality in the Hospital creating a captivating sound environment and positively relieving guests from all kinds of tension and stress.